Among many of traditional and outdated applications, you find yourself incapable of reaching your ambitions and take your business to the top.
With Right Data, it is not about computerizing the daily business processes and functions; but your distinction between competitors is our passion, where the speed and adaptability to changes seamlessly to reach your maximum potentials.
Right Data ERP software in qatar is built to accommodate organizations with different needs to help them operate their business effectively.
  • Accounting & Finance functions, with all the usual bills at accounting accumulations you would expect including integrated reporting and cash flow, budgeting, bank reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, and of course, the general ledger.

  • Daily work tasks from Create sales orders, invoices, and keep track of payments. Set actions and reminders to track your payment in a timely manner.

  • Customer Service Management functions, allows you to monitor your product once sold, for recalls if necessary, for post-sale servicing contracts, to manage warranties and to check on customer satisfaction as well as historical data.

  • Shipping and Distribution allow you to track logistical data, manage your warehouse, and know where your products and equipment are being used, and how well they perform.

  • Manufacturing, track raw materials and finished goods, labor, overhead and provide the total cost of production for an item.


ERP Features

Improve data Integrity
Share accurate data among departments, employees and teams,
and take actions with confidence.

Boost efficiency through well-defined business functions and processes.No contradictions, conflict-free decisions and well-formed orders for better working environment

    Minimize management and operational costs
  By enhancing purchasing protocols, managing and controlling payments and collecting money

Stay Alerted and Informed with critical events at all levels, navigate through rich reports and analytics to get full business insights

Grow as much as you can, we have your back, with solid core of technology that adapt smoothly to your new requirements and experiences.

Use the best of Cloud Computing to the core
Smoother expansion, faster responding to customers' needs and better performing resources.


ERP Moduls

Modules can be easily customized to meet your requirements
Simple but powerful tools to manage your financials, manage in and out money, monitor your expenses and banks, just for faster and smarter decision-making.
Fully customize your sales processes, integration with payables and receivables, Customers and Accounting, and get access to several real-time reports.
Simply, All-in-one. Manage recruitment, employees' attendance, moving to penalties and rewards until payroll with full integration with accounting and reports.
Track your goods and raw materials, organize and categorize your inventory items for best usage and set alerts for all inventory levels.
Forecast your demands, create purchase orders, track shipments, and manage your costs and vendors
It's amazing to manage production processes simply with full integration with inventory and human resources to control your costs.

Why to choose Right ERP?

- We provide the easiest, flexible to use and accurate ERP software in Qatar that will give you a clear vision over your business and help you to fulfill your organizational goals.

- Customize the approval sequence of each business process

- Executive dashboards with interactive charts and reports

- Secured using the latest security standards

- Customize permissions to accurately match employees' roles

- Support for live, against errors and problems, cloud on-premises to improve performance and potentially save costs

Increased Productivity


Cost Reduction

Our Industries

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Food & Cattle Feed

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