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Human Resources HR
Main Features

Main Features

Time and Attendance Management

Time and Attendance Management


Standardize rules and improve the accuracy of employees attendance. Control and manage attendance procedures with the ease of following-up. Integrate with attendance machine to calculate late, absence, and automate the process of calculating overtime.

Employee Attendance
Dynamic creating
Dynamic creating of basic data such as departments, Attendance rules, vacation balances, and evaluation criteria items improved the flexibility, adaptability and the efficiency of human resources department.
HR Functions

HR Functions

Rewards & Penalties
Evaluation & Training
Leave & Promotion


Follow-up your employees performance and push them toward excellency. Create healthy environment by rewards and training to improve productivity and efficiency of your team members.

Employees training


The ease of payroll setup
Process payroll with a single click and generate payslips.
Provide details of deductions and allowances.
Integrate with Financials effortlessly.
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